How To Avoid The Media In Five Easy Steps


Today’s Daily Prompt which I prefer to think of as a proverbial kick in the butt because sometimes I really need it to get motivated as a writer wants a list of five things you can’t live without on a deserted island.

Well, without going into a lot of detail, the whole concept of being stranded anywhere appeals to my need to get away from it all. I think it would appeal to most writers. It makes me feel like the total isolation would be very inspiring. The only thing I haven’t figured out is who is going to read all the books I’ll be writing while waiting to be rescued?

I’m leaving that one alone….for now.


  1. MUSIC: I can’t sing or dance but I love listening to music, classic rock mainly but I also love classical.
  2. A GREAT BOOK: One on survival on a deserted island, of course. And one that will keep me interested enough to read. And it better be a long one. Like Stephen King’s Desperation. Ya, that sounds about right. Even though I mentioned two books, it’s one article. No, ya, really it is…
  3. SNACKAGE: Well, I’m presuming the island is well-stocked, so after I run out granola bars and peanut butter sandwiches, some with honey. I guess I’ll just eat fruit and drink coconut water…
  4. COMPANION: Well, I guess my cat Jupiter should be there too. He could probably help do some hunting and stuff. And I’d miss him if he wasn’t with me….yes…really!
  5. MY BIKE: I would find it really helpful getting around the island…if I could, that is…

Reading over my list, it looks a bit, lame…. I’m making a lot of presumptions, like I’ll have shelter and nice sunny days and starry night and a bathing suit and paper and pen/pencil to write my best-seller with….

But at least I’ll be media free, advertising free, city noise free, television/computer noise free and then there is the won’ts:  won’t have to listen to the constant babble of the misinformed, won’t have to check my e-mail every ten minutes to see if what’s-his-name has in fact, actually gotten up the nerve to reply to one of mine,  won’t have to listen to the screeching rants of some of my former bosses, won’t have to get up to an alarm clock, won’t have to answer my phone, which I will immediately pitch into the ocean by the way….so don’t call me!

There, some things I can live with and some things I can’t live without….

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