You Can Leave Your Hat On

Aww, my little town.

So interesting.

So fashionable.

I see a lot of people around here in their pajamas, on the street.

All ages, any time of day, any time of year.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me.

At first, it surprised me, then I remembered where I was. Surprise gave away to wondering. which lasted about 10 minutes. Again, I remembered where I was. Wondering slowly gave way to curiosity. Not about them. About others. Those around them. The fully dressed. The ones wearing hats on a cold winter day. Can they see this? Is it just me? Is this such the norm in my little town that the pajama-clad can traverse among us without raising an eyebrow? Sure looks that way.

I took a closer look. Nope. Not zombies, real live ones, going about their business in pajamas.

Time for a new perspective. I decided to try this pajama stuff. One morning I fell out of bed, tripped over the cat, fed the fish, did some other things, and hit the ground running, in my pajamas. Made it to the local grocery store. It was early morning, not too busy. I must say, I wasn’t even embarrassed to be standing in line, clad only in my flannel pajamas, and winter boots. Actually I felt cool. Like I was making a new fashion statement, or at least, embracing an old one.

No one seemed to notice. Not that I could see. And I was the only one in pajamas at the time, I think. Where were the others? Still sleeping, or had they made it down to the local Tim Horton’s? I didn’t want to look for them. I was enjoying the spotlight.

So, I made my way back home to contemplate my already interesting day.

And, I changed out of my pajamas.

I can’t guarantee I’ll be traipsing around like that again anytime soon, but it is really good to know, that if I’m short on time, and have to be there, like, yesterday, pajamas are not only allowed, they may well be the order of the day.

Who Knew?

By Mary L. Tagged

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