The Secret Language of Writers

I like to write about being a writer because I know how. And because I can.

I am only speaking for myself but my writing does not always reflect everything and anything I may be observing, thinking about or really experiencing. I get an idea, and I run with it.

The challenge for me is to take something ordinary and put a different spin on it. Give people a new perspective. If you can come away from my writing not having learned anything new, then, I haven’t done my job as a writer. I’ve let you down.

“Why do you write?” someone asked me recently.

I write because I must.

I don’t have to, sometimes I don’t want to. But I must.

All writers understand this internal dialogue. The one only a writer can hear. The secret language which we are compelled to transfer to paper. I’m not always my writing, but I usually am.

If I want to present a new perspective then, I have to be someone else just to present a different point of view.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

I’m letting you in on the secret language of writers.

It’s kind of like grammatical acting. You develop a character and you build a story around them. You bring in other characters so they can have some dialogue and interacting and you give them something to do. Like being a hero, or a villain. They have to learn something and they have to grow as a character and they have to share with the reader. And the reader has to care about the character and want to see them through.

Blogging is like that.

Except I’m writing from one character’s point of view.



But don’t worry.

I haven’t forgotten you.

I am an observer. Eventually you will be mentioned in one of my articles. Whether you recognize yourself or not.

In the meantime, try to read between the lines. That’s where theĀ real story is.

Oh, and don’t believe everything you read…


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