The Five Voices In My Head

Sometimes, my head is busy.

I mean that in a good way.

I thought I would give you an ‘inside’ exclusive to the stuff in my head. Welcome to my nightmare …er, stuff in my head…I repeated myself, yes, I know that.

Voice Number One:

Well, that would have to be Art Bell. Any Coast 2 Coast listeners out there? I started listening about 18 years ago when he was all about Dreamland, and his show had a more political slant. It changed over the years, and became more about conspiracies and the unexplained.  And then one day, Art retired and was eventually replaced. I can still catch his reruns if I am lucky. I’m hoping for a comeback. He has the best voice in radio, no question. No one can replace Art…no one…

Voice Number Two:

My writers’ voice. I think I’ve always had that. I had a long walk to school, and I would devise elaborate stories in my head to make my walk more interesting. I used to pretend puddles were lakes and that I was flying over them. Or sometimes I would pretend that the ‘red cars’ were chasing me, so if I saw one coming, I would literally, hide behind trees, or hit the ditch. Yes, I was that weird as a kid…haha! Well, at least I had a vivid imagination, and I was never bored or lonely back then. The voice grew with me, and my stories changed, but the urge to write them all down remained the same.

Voice Number Three:

That would be Morgan Freeman. Yes, he frequently gets in my head and narrates my life story, such as it is. I wish you could hear that, he does an awesome job….nobody does it better.

Voice Number Four:

The voice of my parents. They frequently remind me to look both ways, tie my shoes, eat my vegetables, remember my manners, all that parent stuff that everyone is aware of. I am always reminded of bits of wisdom from them that I ignored back then, but can remember without any trouble now. Proof that even if your kids look like they aren’t listening, they are, and it will come back to haunt them later. It always does.

Voice Number Five:

I guess that’s the ME voice. Not to be confused with my writers’ voice. So, I guess that means there are two of my own voices in my head, telling me different things. Sometimes the ME voice reprimands me for something, sometimes it tells me I did good. Sometimes it encourages me to just get through, one day at a time, and sometimes it’s just all blah, blah, blah and some ranty stuff. So I immediately replace it with music. Like U2, Billy Joel, Eddie Money, Santana, Eagles, Meatloaf, Eric Clapton, Cat Stevens, Sarah McLachlan, Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Jann Arden, and all kinds of classical music. And then, I have all their voices in my head as well.

Oh, one more, not a voice, just my cats’ purring, which is very faint at the best of times. Not to be outdone by her meowing which has all different sounds according to her mood and what she is talking about.

I’m a lot more selective about the voices I allow in my head now, then I used to be. I’m not going to let just anybody rent space in my head, because, there just isn’t enough room for everybody. It’s already crowded…and I need to hear some things over and over to help me get through, and then there are other things….well, let’s not go there…

Hey, anyone else want to be a voice in my head? I may have room for one more…just saying is all.


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