Requiem For A Dying Wasp (First Haiku Attempt)

Hot summer day


dying wasp.


Subtle breeze

ants march by

wasp in trouble.


Black and yellow

visitor with wings

comes to pay respect.


Tossing and turning

leaves in the way

running out of time.


Warm sun

on my upturned face

wasp in cool shadow.


Stick subtly placed

to help wasp roll

cannot stay upright.


Minutes seem like hours

falling of night

wasp no longer moving.



Morgan Freeman is Narrating my Life Story

I’ve always been one to observe. Never lead. Not because I couldn’t lead, but because I prefer to watch someone else make a fool out of themselves. Never me.

I think my life, narrated by Morgan Freeman, of course, if available, would start off as a complete mystery with some fill-in-the-blank stuff, would develop rapidly into who-dunnit, and as my character grows and develops, the golden years would present themselves as a complete and utter un-romantic comedy.

The background music would be a bit of U2, some Queen and perhaps The Who or INXS just for variety, and a whole lot of Cat Stevens, just because….

The best actress to play me would be….oh, sorry can’t name names at the risk of type-casting anyone, you’ll have to wait for the movie to come out….

And after three cups of tea and a lengthy conversation with my newest Betta, Prince Charming…(the cat was asleep and didn’t join in)…the perfect title for the movie of my life, narrated by Morgan Freeman, (but only if he’s available,) would be: See sentence below please….

I’m Unable To Leap Tall Buildings, but I have a picture of one, in case anyone else can…just don’t jump to conclusions…it’s not over till it’s over….

And would there be a sequel? ABSOLUTELY  NOT, once is enough. Remember, I’m just visiting this planet, I never intended to stay…


Heroes, Unlikely, Unsung and No Longer Celebrated

“Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.”  Brodi Ashton – Everneath.

There sure is a lot of commotion about so-called heroes lately.

Hollywood keeps resurrecting them. And the image keeps changing.

Batman, who I actually wanted to marry when I was about, hmm, well, about nine years old, has gone from ker-pow, ker-blam, ouchies, etched boldly on my TV set to The Dark Knight. Hollywood has turned my super hero into a vigilante. And they’ve taken away his humour, and his side kick and replaced it with something….dark.

Superman, no longer in a Speedo, just a bullied vigilante with a shady past and a bad attitude.

When I was a kid, watching my favorite superheroes on TV, they gave me hope, I actually had that child-like belief that they really could save the world.

I felt a lot safer back then knowing they were in it, whether real or not, they represented something good, back when crime didn’t pay…

I’m not sure I would want to run into either one of them in a dark alley nowadays…

This all smacks of a rather pink shade of ‘political correctness’ to me….oooohhh, noooo can’t have super heroes, people might go out and try to imitate them. Better to make them into vigilantes’ and give them a rather shady past and a bad attitude.

The heroes of my childhood are now no longer appealing to a young audience. These movies are for adults. Very intense, lots of action, brutality and way too much noise. I think most kids would be terrified of them now. You, know, the ‘coddled generation’, the ones who still wear diapers in kindergarten and pretty much run the house while the parents, however well-meaning, think they really just want to be their kids’ very bestest friend….

But this is not what I want to talk about now. I want to talk about real heroes. There must be some around somewhere….pardon me while I scan the horizon….

There has been a shift and I’ll admit I wasn’t paying attention. I missed it. There are more everyday heroes than ever, but you have to look harder to find them. And there is likely to be an inquest, a trial, some drug testing perhaps and a passed sentence before anyone comes forward.

In the good old days, heroes were brave and bold and got the job done. No red tape, ever, justice was always served and no one questioned the heroes. Of course not.

But like my opening quote, it’s not what powers you possess, it’s how you use them. Like when a firefighter rescues a kitten from a burning building, Or someone who fights for their country. Cancer survivors. Those who overcame a difficult childhood. Or my Grade Two teacher who inspired me to excel in all things creative. These are the types that give and ask for no recognition. They want nothing in return. They are happy to have just been there. Those are my ideas of real heroes.

So what’s changed? Our definition of a hero has changed.

No longer a caped or masked crusader, they are more likely to be social trollopes’ with a megaphone blocking traffic on a downtown street. Heroes are much more self-centered, self-serving, and just plain selfish. The more noise the better. They want to save the world alright, and turn it into something unrecognizable. Look at me, I’m a hero, coz I say so! Our martyrs have become heroes and our heroes have  become vigilantes…

Well, I say sheeeesh.

I like my heroes alright. The strong silent type. The ones that have chosen the right path. The higher one, the one that helps us all along our way. Unlikely, unsung and no longer celebrated…Still, deep down, they make us all want to be heroes.

Well, we could be, if only the traffic wasn’t so damn heavy these days…

Spin Doctors And The Misinformed

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”
– Jim Morrison-

I listen to radio talk shows sometimes. Okay, a lot. It’s hard to avoid. Like the media in general.

One thing all these shows have in common is that they pick a certain point of view, which is always deemed as being not the opinion of the station, and they put it out there.

I can’t always tell how much truth is involved in the information they project, and sometimes I get the feeling they are only speaking about one area of a story, and not keeping it balanced by presenting all sides.

I call it media manipulation.

It’s good for ratings. It gets callers phoning in and saying some of the most intelligent and ridiculous things I’ve ever and never wanted to hear. And it annoys the crap out of me. Not because I know better, or even disagree with the host or some of the callers. No. It’s because the media is looking for a certain point of view and they will do everything in their professional power to get it. They certainly know how. Sometimes it feels like they only take calls from the callers who agree with them. Everyone else gets shut out or shouted down.

Media people have something I don’t. Well, besides a degree of some kind in the delicate art of communication, they have the knowledge and professional training to manipulate an unsuspecting public. And that includes me. I hate that feeling.

Sometimes, someone will phone in who gets it and is particularly challenging and it’s fun to listen to them try to out-bully the media. But it’s impossible. Yes, the media is that good.

I do believe the media, for all their spin, are generally trying to get to the bottom of the real story, get a feel for the public reaction, and report their findings honestly and without bias. They just go about it in a most annoying way. And that is exactly what keeps me listening. So, ya, score one for the media. They are doing their job well. And they are professionals.

Here’s what I really think…

I think any organization who is in charge of any form of public information should also be responsible enough to present it fully and without personal opinions or comments. And they should have all the facts before hand. Otherwise it forces us to pick sides, and not always the right one because we don’t have all the facts. Not fair.

Anything less leads to mutiny on the bounty, so-to-speak. A kind of ground zero for all kinds of conspiracy theories, public mistrust and a feeling that we are only getting part of the story and may never hear the truth.

The media is not our friend. Not really. The bottom line is numbers, and ratings, and salaries and jobs. We, the public, are the least of their concern, for the most part. Those who openly choose to speak to the media because they think they have their ‘sympathy’ do so at their own peril. I hope I’m never one of them. The media can be awfully fickle.

I like to keep it ‘off the record’….

But just for the record, remember what I said in a previous article? Don’t believe everything  you hear or read,  and read between the lines.

This from someone who should have taken journalism a bit more seriously back in the day.

This from someone who also took courses in communications, advertising and marketing, among other things…

This from someone who has been caught up in more than one media scrum and almost got trampled as a result.

Remember, I too, am a writer and I could also be a spin doctor…

Now, take two aspirin and call me in the morning…


ANIMALISM:  the notion that humans are animals

Yes, I looked it up.

I was hoping to ‘coin a new phrase’ and set a trend in language…so, instead I’m going to use my definition here : The idea that some animals are superior to others.

Please make a note of that. It might catch on and then you can tell your grandchildren who started that phrase way back in the day.

I was reading an article today which stated:

‘Many cat lovers play hard to get and dog owners often have friends with benefits, but pet-free Canadians are the saddest among us when it comes to romance a new survey has found’…..

HHHMMM, how very interesting….but wait, there’s more….

Cat lovers, it found are frugal,  and more aloof, while dog owners are more generous and are more likely to have a one-night stand. But the pet-free Canadians were judged the harshest, they are the least likely to believe in romantic love and soul mates.

All this screams ANIMALISM to me….loud and clear.

I’ve owned dogs, cats, turtles, goldfish, bettas, hamsters and even a budgie, so I must be a very generously frugal, aloof, one-night stander, who likes to swim and sleep with the fishes like the bird-brain I must certainly be….that is , if I can get off my hamster wheel…

As a cat owner, I’m supposed to be private, well-read and stingy, possibly anal-retentive, not opposed to coughing up the odd hair ball once in a while. And I play hard to get….

And what does it say about my dog-owning friends?

It says they may be more social and outgoing, but also more fickle and promiscuous. It has been my experience that you could say that about cats and dogs. This is where the ‘Animalism’ really kicks in….

This survey is somehow assuming that pet owners are acting just like their pets when the exact opposite may in fact be more like the truth. Pets are imitating their owners.

This survey makes cat owners look really catty, dog-owners look like salivating mutts and those who are ‘sans-animal’, total losers.

Do I as a cat owner deserve to be judged by my choice of pet? I think not! I’ve also owned dogs. So when did I switch teams? When did I go from being outgoing, generous and promiscuous to frugal, anal retentive and stingy?

I’ll tell you when….

About the same time the losers were swearing off pets, soul mates and romance altogether….that’s when! 

The notion that humans are animals may hold true for some, but at the risk of being labelled a total ‘animalist’, it must also work the other way. Animals must indeed be human.

And according to the ‘newest survey’, there isn’t a lot of difference anymore. Was there ever?

Final Note: Next time my dog-loving buddies call me up for a one-night stand, I’ll be playing hard to get….

No Longer Bullet Proof

I must be getting older…

I’ve come to that chapter in my life where I can no longer shop till I drop, party hardy, or dodge bullets.

If you are not where I am, wait and see what happens when you get there.

The rose-coloured glasses are a bit less rosy. I find it more difficult to stand on one foot, and ‘pardon, what did you say’, complete with leaning forward with my head to one side is fast becoming the norm.

Oh, I hope I don’t do the squinty, nose-wrinkling thing while I struggle to read lips, but I probably do.

I watch ice-skating and gymnastics because I’m trying hard to remember if I was ever that young, or flexible. I’m guessing….NOT.

I’m more aware of every ache and pain and my knees tell me when it’s going to be stormy.

I’m re-examining my boundaries and moving them if necessary. I pick my battles more wisely. Some aren’t worth the effort.

It’s not so much about getting ‘older’ as it is wiser. I’m more aware of my limits and less likely to test them. I have some experience I can look back on and I’m more guarded about what’s left of the rest of my life.

I want to age gracefully. No more letting loose like in the ‘good old days’, just letting go a bit at a time. I no longer take so much for granted, I’m more grateful for what I have, and what I have left.

I’m not giving up or giving in. I love this time of my life. I’m just doing everything I can to make the remainder as comfortable and healthy as possible.

Perhaps this is what growing wiser with age is really all about.

By Mary L.