No Longer Bullet Proof

I must be getting older…

I’ve come to that chapter in my life where I can no longer shop till I drop, party hardy, or dodge bullets.

If you are not where I am, wait and see what happens when you get there.

The rose-coloured glasses are a bit less rosy. I find it more difficult to stand on one foot, and ‘pardon, what did you say’, complete with leaning forward with my head to one side is fast becoming the norm.

Oh, I hope I don’t do the squinty, nose-wrinkling thing while I struggle to read lips, but I probably do.

I watch ice-skating and gymnastics because I’m trying hard to remember if I was ever that young, or flexible. I’m guessing….NOT.

I’m more aware of every ache and pain and my knees tell me when it’s going to be stormy.

I’m re-examining my boundaries and moving them if necessary. I pick my battles more wisely. Some aren’t worth the effort.

It’s not so much about getting ‘older’ as it is wiser. I’m more aware of my limits and less likely to test them. I have some experience I can look back on and I’m more guarded about what’s left of the rest of my life.

I want to age gracefully. No more letting loose like in the ‘good old days’, just letting go a bit at a time. I no longer take so much for granted, I’m more grateful for what I have, and what I have left.

I’m not giving up or giving in. I love this time of my life. I’m just doing everything I can to make the remainder as comfortable and healthy as possible.

Perhaps this is what growing wiser with age is really all about.

By Mary L.

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