This Just In: Heathers’ Pick

Finally, I have a bit of time to write a ‘real post’.

So, you know how you go into a bookstore and just kinda peruse…

Yup. I’m a peruser…I don’t walk around a bookstore, I become part of it.

I drink in the smells of paper, pot pourri, carpeting, dust, old paint and… well… body odour.

It is truly an experience. I think only a writer can take it all in the way I do. I hear the books calling me, and I go.

Sometimes I set off the alarm when I first walk in, must be the excitement of just being there. The bookstore can never find an explanation for it. I’m betting my bank probably can, but that’s another story.

So, question of the day: I keep seeing ‘Heathers Picks’ on books. Well, who is Heather?

I only knew one Heather, and I doubt she could even read….poor thing….but she sure loved to talk and cyber bully others…

Not HER, I’m guessing.

I’ve thought of asking the bookstore.

Can I meet Heather? I really want to know why she picked this book…did SHE even read it…ever?

How old might this ‘Heather’ be? Old enough to know better? Young enough to wish she didn’t?

Is she an employee, is she on the payroll, does she just drop in, like I do and if so…how do I get to ‘pick’ a book and have a gold sticker with MY name slapped on the front cover…

HEATHER, HEATHER, HEATHER, why is it all about Heather and what she picks? Perhaps it has something to do with that crazy movie ‘Heathers’ that came out in the 80’s. Maybe it’s one of them.

Maybe if you pick a ‘Heather Pick’, you are inducted into some weird cult, or whisked away, never to be seen again.

I’ve never picked a ‘Heather Pick’, I’m afraid if I do, I’ll be hit over the head with a forklift…

In the meantime, I’m going to pick some of this Heather instead….



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