Where Does The Red Brick Road Go?


Perhaps my all-time favorite movie about returning home is The Wizard of Oz.

I loved it as a kid, and even more as an adult when I had a better understanding of all the movies’ subtleties and humour that I missed as a child.

It had a strong message about ‘home’ that was certainly not lost on me.

Dorothy understood the importance of family and friends and she never gave up hope despite the challenges she was presented.

Personally, the flying monkeys would have certainly done me in, I still have nightmares about those guys sometimes…

I’ve moved a bit, traveled some and left the city of my birth, only to return eighteen years later. and It was the last place I expected to be. I returned to my comfort zone, for sure, but soon began to realize that despite the familiarity of the ‘old neighborhood’, I was the only one here now.

Everyone else had moved on.

I felt like I was following the ‘red brick road’. The road ‘not taken’ and it certainly gave me a better understanding about why you can never really go home again.

I know why I returned. There was parts of me I wanted to recapture, re-connect with, understand better. And I did.

I came back to re-establish my sense of belonging. Of coming home.

Only it wasn’t ‘home’ anymore.

I doubt the house of my childhood has any memory of me at all.

Sometimes I bike past it and it looks so different and I know that is where I grew up, but it is not home to me now and I want to remember a time when it was…

I’ve decided ‘home’ is not so much a place, more like a journey.

For most people, home is where their family is, and my family isn’t here now. Only I am.

So my journey will continue and I will know when I’m finally home because it will have that familiar feeling of comfort, even if I’ve never lived there before.



10 comments on “Where Does The Red Brick Road Go?

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  4. That is so brave of you. I visited ‘home’ a few years ago. Same as you, no one left at all. I couldn’t even slow down the car, I was so freaked out driving past what used to be my house. So many changes in the town, it was horrible. I wanted to show my Irish hubby where I grew up, but it was gone.


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