Parental Advisory in Effect

Sometimes, like most writers I imagine, I find myself really having to hold back because of political correctness, shades of pink and imagined threats from unknown sources.

But lately, I’m not so worried about the above.

I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff in my life, some of it this week.

Like yesterday, this family of rather dubious origins was walking ahead of their son who was trying to keep up. They were dragging him along and he had his head down and wouldn’t you know it, he walked right into a No Parking sign and him and the sign both came crashing down.

Immediately there was a flurry of activity from said parents who began to berate him for not keeping up and watching where he was going. They stood there and screamed at him in front of everyone like it was somehow his fault that the sign got in the way.

Oh Yikes people…

I scurried past before they could accuse me of shoving him or putting a curse on him because they really looked like the type of people who would….

I’ve seen some great parenting in my life and I’ve seen some people who have absolutely no business procreating except for the fact that they somehow managed to.

You know, the ones with baby in one hand, beer in the other. The ones who expect everyone else to raise their kids, while they leave them and the dog in a hot car so they can go and gamble and/or shop for a couple of hours. The ones who forget the baby altogether. The ones who constantly scream at their kids in front of everyone and then wonder why they turned out to be juvenile delinquents, if I can even use that term…the ones who coddle them to the point that junior has to take them to job interviews in later years because they are too scared to go alone. The ones who don’t know how to really listen to their kids and understand when they are telling the truth or merely exercising an over-active imagination.The ones who blame the kids for everything that is wrong in their sorry, desperate lives.

Do I blame the kids for their bratty, obnoxious behaviour?


I blame their dysfunctional parents, and their parents before them.

It’s a generational thing.

And it’s complicated.

And it’s driven by the seven deadly sins, greed and lust being at the very top of the list.

And it’s governed by the very fact that humans are usually raised by humans, although in some cases, wolves may in fact do a much better job.

When did society decide the kids weren’t alright and a little Ritalin instead of sugar may help the medicine go down?

Who is society to be making these decisions about how to raise the next generation anyway?

Some thinks it takes a village to raise a child.

I disagree.

It takes two parents with a lot of common sense and a solid understanding of just how serious and exhausting a job it can be. And it’s never-ending.

Your kids don’t get to walk away if the marriage collapses. They are still your kids and they are going to suffer for the sins of their fathers. They always do.

And so do the rest of us. Society included. Especially if something goes horribly wrong.

I’m part of that society as well. A fact I’d rather not admit to at times.

The times when I see people who are too stupid and dysfunctional to even have kids, have them.

So where are my kids in all this? My kids are alright. I don’t have any. But I remember being one, and how it felt and where I ended up as a result.

Well, I guess that would render my opinion on such matters insignificant, like a priest advising a couple about marriage.

You don’t have to be in it to see what is going on.

Because some who are in it up to their necks, still haven’t got a clue.

And I really feel sorry for their kids, especially when that No Parking sign gets in the way…


By Mary L.

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