About Me

I do a lot of freelance writing.

Always have.

In the past I have done poetry, script-writing, commentaries, observations, short-stories and anything else that gets my attention.

You will find a bit of everything in here, the odd poem, photograph and commentary.

There are some things you must know about me as a writer:

1) I’m not always my writing, but I usually am

2) Don’t believe everything you read

3) Feel free to read between the lines

4) Writing is like acting out verbage

5) I can be reclusive, but never anti-social

6) Everything I write is deliberate

7) I write, therefore I am

8) I write because I must

It’s all good.

I like to engage my reader. Don’t be surprised if I keep you really busy. Enjoy the journey and please leave comments. I like to know who is walking with me sometimes.

Without my readers, I am nothing.

And I thank you for that.


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